Course Description

These courses will help you prepare for exam as they aim to provide a solid understanding of networking concepts, operations, and procedures.

Sept. 12, 2020

Program Requirements

Length2-4 weeks
VA ApprovedGI Bill & VET-TEC
CertificationNetwork +


  • Use the OSI model to determine the order protocols interact with each other
  • Examine network configuration on your workstation and clearly understand the different components
  • Identify the most important networking hardware and its purpose in the data network
  • Know the different types of 802.11 wireless networks and where they are used
  • Differentiate cabling types and how fiber optics are categorized for data network use
  • Use the secure mechanism engineers employ to access network hardware
  • Read network documentation
  • Utilize appropriate tools to monitor the state of network devices
  • Maintain a safe environment for networks
  • Troubleshoot and track down network problems


No prior experience is required, but concepts discussed throughout A+ is an advantage.

Course Content

  1. Introduction to Networking
  2. The OSI Model
  3. Protocols and Port Numbers
  4. TCP and UDP
  5. Introduction to Binary and Hexadecimal
  6. Introduction to IP Addressing
  7. Subnetting Networks
  8. Introduction to IPv6
  9. Ethernet and Switching
  10. Switching Features
  11. Network Services
  1. Wireless Technologies
  2. Physical Layer Technologies
  3. WAN Technologies
  4. Network Devices and Appliances
  5. Introduction to Virtualized Hardware
  6. Cloud Services
  1. Network Documentation
  2. Disaster Recover and Business Continuity
  3. Network Monitoring
  4. Remote Network Management
  5. Policies and Best Practices

  1. Physical Security Devices
  2. Authentication and Access Controls
  3. Wireless Network Security