Career Services

Why ETI support DOD?

Directives from the Department of Defense define the need to assess and manage the cybersecurity workforce. The DoD 8570.01-m sets the direction of all programs and initiatives
relating to cybersecurity.

The department adopts its 2018 Cyber Awareness Challenge Training program to teach the DoD workforce cybersecurity best practices. However, DoD reported that several components lacked the target training completion rate. Until then, DoD will face an enhanced risk of attacks.

To help address these challenges, training institutions are stepping up to develop a qualified
cybersecurity workforce. This effort will enhance the protection of DoD data, information systems, and networks.

This directive is a top priority of EOR Technical Institute. We don’t just step-up, we commit to
provide high technology programs that are DoD compliant.

and Coaching

What is ETI Mentoring and Coaching?

ETI crafted its own mentoring and coaching method that is distinct to each student.

Mentoring aims to identify and nurture a skill set that will help students build and develop knowledge and skills that they can apply to real-life situations. Coaching focuses on the performance and improvement of a specific skill.

ETI’s goal is to provide students a significant advantage that will help them showcase their qualifications. This leverage is beneficial to achieve success in their chosen career.

At ETI, we develop professionals who are all set to take on varying challenges in the field of IT and Cyber Security.

writing workshops

Do you need a resume?

Building an exceptional resume is an essential step in landing your dream job. A good one will give the candidate’s a chance to be interviewed and eventually get hired.

Why are resumes important to employers?

A resume sets the first impression for a hiring manager, who has the power to hire personnel. It helps them determine the quality of a candidate; their qualifications, skills, and outstanding achievements.

ETI in resume writing workshops.

As a leader in IT certifications, ETI offers professionally structured resume writing modules that will provide a significant advantage to their students when they finish a course and go on the hunt for a job.

Enrollees to our workshops will learn to develop resumes that are best suited to their strengths, knowledge, and skills. They will have ready access to instructors who will help them to create a relevant, concise, and polished resume.

At ETI, we make certain that everyone who completed our courses leaves with powerful tools that will impress potential employers.

Job placement

Job Placement is one of the career services offered by EOR Technical Institute.

We are committed to ensuring everyone who finishes our courses gets hired fast, thanks to top-notch job opportunities and dynamic career advancements.

As part of the institutes array of specialized programs, graduates are helped every step of the way to ensure that they land a job that is aligned with their newly acquired technical

Along with the excellent training and education we provide, we make certain that ETI alumni can easily integrate into a workplace with confidence, knowledge, and expertise thanks to the skills, certification, and training they received at ETI.

You’ll walk out with the skill-set you need to tackle the ever-changing world of cybersecurity.